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Book review - tmux: Productive Mouse-free Development

Last year (actually circa January/2014), I found myself struggling with four terminal emulators open, and I knew it was time to work on improving my workflow. I had already heard about those terminal multiplexer thingies, and they seemed to be what I needed. After some research, I decided to stick with tmux, and it’s freaking awesome.

Below is a picture of tmux running on the Gnome terminal. It features the Base16 Solarized color theme, my custom tmux colors and the Ubuntu Mono derivative Powerline font.

![My tmux settings]({{ site.url }}/images/tmux_mine.png)

The thing is, there are lots and lots of tutorials on tmux, but I could not find a canonical reference to it - until I discovered this book from the The Pragmatic Programmers series, tmux: Productive Mouse-Free Development.

The book is nothing more than a complete tmux reference - and a very didactic one. The author starts showing you how to use the basic tmux features and how to set it up, and as the book progresses he shows you more complex features, all in a very straightforward manner. Really cool, really simple, the way I like my books. ;)

My personal notes

[PREFIX] is CTRL+B or CTRL+A, depending on the settings (mine is CTRL+A).

Chapter 1 - Learning the basics

Chapter 2 - Configuring tmux

#H       hostname
#h       hostname without domain
#F       current window flag
#L       current window index
#P       current pane index
#S       current session name
#W       current window name
##       literal #
#[ATTR]  color or attribute change

Chapter 3 - Scripting customized tmux environments

Chapter 4 - Working with text and bugffers

Chapter 6 - Workflows