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Book review - Land the Tech Job You Love

The The Pragmatic Programmers books are my favorite ones. Their authors are great, their books are sexy and I really enjoyed all the books from them I read. Land the Tech Job You Love, by Andy Lester, couldn’t be different.

The book is something like a guide on how to get the job that you want. It explains you all the steps you need to follow to maximize the probability of getting hired, and how to assess that you’re looking for the right job (the one that you really want). It goes from finding a job to preparing your résumé and the interview process, giving valuable advice that are applicable not only to tech jobs, but to many other fields.

I was looking for a new job when I started to read the book and, as a first time job seeker, I followed most of the steps Lester showed on the book. That way I managed to leverage my technical expertise and pose myself as a real professional, even though I had no formal job experience. I received several job proposals on the following weeks, and I ended getting hired by a outsourcing company. The overall “experience” was more pleasant than I thought it’d be, thanks to this awesome book. :D

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My personal notes

What do you want in a job?

Résumé content

Résumé documents

Finding your job

Applying for the job

Preparing for the interview

The interview

Handle the tough interview questions

Too much information

The job offer and beyond

Staying hirable