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Book review - Pro Bash Programming: Scripting the Linux Shell


Shell scripting is essential if you are more than a regular user of a Unix-like operating system. Most Linux systems come with Bash, the Bourne-again shell, and that’s why I chose Pro Bash Programming: Scripting the Linux Shell, by Chris Johnson, to learn more about it. (this entire phrase is kinda stupid, lol)

This book covers basic to advanced topics in little more than 200 pages (of actual text), and even though everything is a little condensed, the text is clear enough to understand. All the basics are covered, and if you want to stick only with them, read up to chapter 6 and skim through the rest of the book - you won’t really miss learning how to “implement” awk in Bash. ;)

Despite many open-source books on Bash being available on the interwebz (Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, Bash Guide for Beginners), Pro Bash Programming is much more newbie friendly, and I highly recommend it.

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My Personal Notes

Chapter 1 - Your first shell program

#!/bin/env bash
# or

Chapter 2 - Input and output

printf "Hello, %s!" "$1"

$ John
$ Hello, John!
echo $var
$ Foo
printf <FORMAT (%s %d %f %e)> <ARGS>
printf "%s" Hello World
$ Hello World
# from stdin
read var

# from file
read var < file.txt
today=$( date )
curpwd=$( pwd )

Chapter 3 - Looping and branching

$? == 0  -> success
$? != 0  -> error
# Test a file
[ -x $HOME/file ]

# Test an integer
# OPERATOR: -eq, -ne, -gt, -lt, -ge, -le
[ 2 <OPERATOR> -1 ]

# Test string
[ "a" = "b" ]
[ "a" != "b" ]

# Test regex
# The regular expression must be unquoted
[[ $string =~ h[aeiou] ]]
if <condition list>; then
elif <condition list>; then
# Test of dir exists and then cd into it
test -d "$dir" && cd "$dir"

# Exits with an error if CD fails
cd "$dir" || exit 1
case $str in
  pattern1) commands;;
  pattern2) commands;;
while <commands>; do

until <commands>; do

for var in Canada Usa Uk; do
  printf "%s\n" "$var"

Chapter 4 - Command-line parsing and expansion

Chapter 6 - Shell functions

function name()

  # Restricts scope of variable to function
  local var=Foo

Chapter 8 - File operations and commands