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The Nature of Software Development

My personal notes on the book The Nature of Software Development.

The Search for Value

What kinds of value does your project deliver to its users? To your organization? To the team? What value does it deliver to you?

Guiding Goes Better “Feature by Feature”

Organizing by Feature

Planning Feature by Feature

Building the Product, Feature by Feature

Build a tiny product, completely, in each small cycle

Refine the product vision

Identify real progress

Eliminate the test-and-fix finish

Grow and refine the design as we go

Build Features and Foundation in Parallel

Everything we build must rest on a solid foundation

Build simple yet functional versions first

Refine each feature in multiple iterations

Bug-Free and Well Designed

Full Circle

The Natural Way of developing software

Value — What Is It?

Value — How Can We Measure It?

Creating Teams That Thrive

Managing Natural Software Development